After dark, the city
belongs to me...
From Chihuahua to sock puppet, every dog has his day.
The time has come forDog After Dark
a new breed of late night entertainment.
InDog After Dark a streetwise pooch goes on the air to
give you his take on movies you wouldn't show to a dog...
that only a dog would play for you.
The Worst Movies Ever Made -- with outrageous Dog After Dark commentaries will enthrall late night viewers.


See for yourself - when

Dog After Dark hostsManiac -
a deliciously delirious schlock
exploitation spectacular
guaranteed to make you howl in
your living room...and maybe
have an accident on the rug.
Dog After Dark
A fresh concept in late night programming
with commentary by Rocco Giuliano
created by Henry Dane and Joe Tyburczy.
Coming soon from
HDTV Productions and Equinox Communications.
a new breed of late night entertainment
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